Voy a tener que empezar a dedicarme al cine

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El otro día ví una película fantástica: A history of violence: +1

Realmente nunca pongo un comentario sobre la película, pero leí esto en IMDb y se ajusta perefectamente a lo que pienso de la película... ¡tanto coincide que decidí copiarlo acá!

I expected bloody senselessness and instead saw a film laden with the deepest human emotions. It was real. From youthful loving to hard violence, from simple innocent joys to the full depth of adult violence and sex, and ultimate redemption, this film has it all. Every piece of clothing and set, every camera angle and lighting propelled the story relentlessly. I was never bored, and never overwhelmed with overdone violence. Nothing was gratuitous. Viggo Mortensen proved he's one of the finest actors to come along in a long while. Maria Bello carries so much on her talented shoulders. With Mortensen she shines with alternately warming and heartbreaking truthfulness. Ed Harris was delightfully menacing, and William Hurt gave the liveliest and best performance I've seen from him.

This movie is about truth and redemption. It's the best film I've seen in a very long time. Kudos to Cronenberg, Mortensen, Bello, and all the cast and crew for what was for me a nearly perfect movie.

See it, then see it again. It's brilliant.

Y agregué a mi lista de películas todas estas:

¡Cómo se acumulan! Voy a tener que ir más seguido al cine y ponerme fijo ver una alquilada por semana, me tengo que poner al día...

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