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Foto en blú con Nivi!

Con Nivi :)

Agregué dos películas a la lista: Tiempo de valientes y Wedding crashers. Se van acumulando, ya son 69...


The problem I have with "SETL sets" in Python is the same I have with every other language's "killer core" in Python: SETL is much more than just "a set type", Eiffel is much more than just fancy pre- and post- conditions, Perl's approach to regexps is much more than just its isolated regexp syntax, Scheme is much more than just first-class functions & lexical closures, and so on. Good languages aren't random collections of interchangeable features: they have a philosophy and internal coherence that's never profitably confused with their surface features. Tim Peters, 10 Jul 1998

I don't know what "invert the control structure" means -- but if it's anything like turning a hamster inside-out, I would expect it to be messy <wink>. Tim Peters, 25 Jul 1998

There are also some surprises [in the late Miocene Australia] some small mammals totally unknown and not obviously related to any known marsupial (appropriately awarded names such as Thingodonta and Weirdodonta) and a giant python immortalized as Montypythonoides. The Book of Life, found by Aaron Watters

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