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Ayer vi The War of the Worlds, versión original de 1953, dirigida por Byron Haskin. Es rara, muy rara, no sólo por lo viejo de la película (vieja pero en color, por Technicolor), sino por la visión de la película sobre los extraterrestres y las relaciones sociales en esa época.


Sé cómo me calificaría si me dan a elegir entre las siguientes opciones:

¿Ustedes? ¿Entran en alguna de esas categorías o son seres humanos normales? :p


Note that because of its semantics, 'del' can't be a function: "del a" deletes 'a' from the current namespace. A function can't delete something from the calling namespace (except when written by Steve Majewski :-). Guido van Rossum, 1 Aug 1994

I don't know a lot about this artificial life stuff -- but I'm suspicious of anything Newsweek gets goofy about -- and I suspect its primary use is as another money extraction tool to be applied by ai labs to the department of defense (and more power to 'em). Nevertheless in wondering why free software is so good these days it occurred to me that the propagation of free software is one gigantic artificial life evolution experiment, but the metaphor isn't perfect. Programs are thrown out into the harsh environment, and the bad ones die. The good ones adapt rapidly and become very robust in short order. The only problem with the metaphor is that the process isn't random at all. Python chooses to include Tk's genes; Linux decides to make itself more suitable for symbiosis with X, etcetera. Free software is artificial life, but better. Aaron Watters, 29 Sep 1994

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